Yugioh monarch deck profile 2017

Insert Brick meme here X also this is the best. Get your Aleister invoked playmat here! This deck had brought me alot of success and i really love it! Top decklists for all Yugioh tournaments.

See the top decks and measure the meta.

Budget Domain Monarchs (via Mega Fracture) V0. The deck brings a slightly new take on Domain Monarchs. This build aims to bypass that flaw, by playing Allure of.

Fairly cheap, nothing to pay a lot for and overall a fun (sometimes hated deck ) build. Try it out and follow the emperor. Side Deck is just for show.

Good deck , not everything I needed for my build but plays decently as is. You are about to see some in-depth explanation on choices I made that differ from the popular choices.

If you are just going to give me that you didnt top so your decklist isnt good bullshit . Tell us a little about your Deck. Alberto, congratulations for winning! I decided to build this Deck at cards because, . Enther the heavenly monarch.

Zaborg, the mega monarch. Black luster soilder – envoy of the beginning. Erebus the mega monarch. Because of that, the World Championship becomes a very unique tournament in terms of what strategies are being played.

This is a fantastic opportunity for highly . As should be known, Domain Monarchs aim to prevent your opponent from special summoning from the extra deck , and stop them playing YuGiOh in general. How is the Monarchs Yugioh Deck usually played in games. I would recommend first going on a stall deck of Monarch , where you stop your opponents from doing much and but yourself time to bring out the monarchs.

The monarch deck is fairly. Old kings like the Monarchs , Lightsworns, and Burning Abyss remain a threat, while the new-money Kozmos, Draco-Pals, and Yang-Zing prove not even a ban-hammer with .