Octagonal definition, having eight angles and eight sides. The octagonal shape is used as a design element in architecture. The Dome of the Rock has a characteristic octagonal plan.

The Tower of the Winds in Athens is another example of an octagonal structure. He was by the champion sire Zabeel, out of the champion broodmare Eight Carat, who also produced Group One winners Mouawa Kaapsta Diamond . Persoonlijke instellingen.

Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Vertaling van octagonal. Our approach to trade and investment advisory centers on geopolitical trend analysis and strategic positioning to enable partners to mitigate risks and take advantage of niche opportunities. We focus on large-scale opportunities in our core focus industries – infrastructure, agriculture, real estate, and ICT – and provide . Synonyms for octagonal at Thesaurus.

Dictionary and Word of the Day. Alternatieve spelling of gebruik . English dictionary definition of octagonal.

Having eight sides and eight angles. A polygonal number of the form O_n=n(3n-2). The generating function for the octagonal numbers is . They are planar double lattice PETs based on the order dihedral reflection . OCTAGONAL share price (OCT), chart, recent trades, company information, trading information, company news, fundamentals. A number which is simultaneously octagonal and square. Let O_n denote the n th octagonal number and S_m the m th square number, then a number which is both octagonal and square satisfies the equation O_n=S_m , or . Here octagonal fuzzy number plays a vital role for solving many decision making problem involving uncertainty.

In this paper, the defuzzification is done using the area of region, the fuzzified value can be converted into neutrosophic soft matrix and vikor method is applied to the defuzzified data to find the best solution. While this ancient Gate-like artifact looks like ours from a distance, it is not a torus , but an octagon, with an octagonal cross-section. We build with arcs, rectangles, circles, cubes. Negative staining of isolated nuclear envelopes by phosphotungstate shows that the nuclear pores are octagonal rather than circular. The outer and inner diameters of . Part of this eight- part, . This lesson defines these pyramids and their parts.

Used in many countries as a stop sign. Stop Sign was approved as part of Unicode 9.

Copy and paste this emoji: Copy . A survey was conducted to determine the geometry, operating parameters, and other key features of large circular or octagonal culture tanks used to produce Atlantic salmon smolt and post-smolt at six major Norwegian Atlantic salmon production companies. A total of large tanks were reported at seven land- based .