Frog monarch deck 2017

We look at the fun deck and how it can be used as an Link. PALEOZOIC FROG DECK PROFILE! Like Barrier Statue stun! Way more legit then people give it credit for.

I plan on going competitive with my build. The OFFICIAL Monarch Strategy Guide XXIIV: After the Apocalypse.

Caius the Shadow Monarch x3. Raiza the Storm Monarch x3. Jinzo Gorz the Emissary of Darkness x3. Spells, Raigeki Mystical Space Typhoon x3. The idea of the Deck is to use Treeborn Frog, Swap Frog and Ronintoadin to make tribute fodder.

Another purpose of Swap Frog is to send Treeborn Frog or Ronintoadin to . The monarch deck is fairly straightforwar and once a top meta contender. I recommend for a beginner.

This set includes cards. All cards are in near mint or better condition unless specified. Duel Links Breaking News.

The skill Baggy Sleeves is used for draw power whenever one of your tribute summoned . Frog Monarch : deck recipe. Le but du Deck est de faire une Invocation Sacrifice par tour, offrant un monstre avec une bonne ATK tout en nettoyant le Terrain adversaire de différentes façons. La carte principale du Deck est . Today, we want to take a little time and show you the Deck they both ran here this weekend. I realized he is actually decent against THIS games meta. That is the only deck obelisk belongs in.

I only save for the last time (when i win). He hate frogs , so this is not a grog monarch. He didnt add any mega monarch , because he waiting for LIGHT-DARK-WIND attribute Mega Monarch. Any feedback would be nice. Caiua the Shadow Monarch x3.

Light and Darkness Dragon x3. Monarcas são assim, os amem ou os odeiem. Geralmente quem não gosta é justamente por ser um deck chato de enfrentar, e por não ter muita estratégia, apenas tributar e invocar, tributar e invocar.

Mas se você gostou do deck do video abaixo, vamos análisa-lo por completo.