Cruiser deck

Cruiser Decks from Welcome, Powell Peralta, Krooke Anti-Hero and more. Explore the largest selection of new cruiser decks in stock now. Get your cruiser decks at Warehouse Skateboards. Met een Mini Cruiser deck kun je vele kanten op.

Wanneer je deze afmonteert met een passende setup is het deck voorbereid op vele longboard disciplines.

Cruiser boards lijken op traditionele skateboards, met grotere en zachtere wielen waardoor ze snel zijn en grip hebben. Bekijk onze selectie van Cruiser boards. Also referred to as cruiser skateboards, these particular boards are meant for general purpose boarding, rather than pulling tricks. Skate Mental cruiser deck Target Cruiser deck Skate Mental Target 8. Deck: 7-ply Canadian Maple Concave:. This compact custom made short skate deck brings the know-how and green construction of Buddybuddy to an unusual size for them.

Buy a fully configured electric skateboard from Mellow.

You have the choice of high quality longboard and mini cruiser decks. Cruiser longboards are essentially shorter longboards with just as much flavor in a more maneuverable, compact skateboard. Free shipping on all cruiser longboards. The best choice online for Blank cruiser deck is at Zumiez.

Shop for Blank cruiser deck. Offering the ultimate in style and the smoothest ride, Cruisers are a luxury that are just too good to go without. Custom printed camouflage, orange, and die cut grip tape make the top of this deck as interesting and intricate as the bottom.

A green stain covers the plies of top quality Canadian maple while a . Madrid Stranger Things . Beach Cruiser Cruiser Skateboard. Ram ( Deck Only) Cruiser Skateboard. Skates with Wolves ( Deck Only) Cruiser Skateboard. SANTAFE CITY CRIUSER to odpowiednia deska, jeżeli szukasz czegoś na przemieszczanie się po mieście. Delikatny flex, umożliwi Ci poznanie uczucia płynięcia po betonowej fali.

Grafika tej deski nawiązuje do korzeni longboardingu (surfingu), przedstawiając wakacyjne klimaty.

Miękkie koła zapewniają płynną jazdę . Dusters California, longboards and cruiser skateboards originating from the heart and soul of skateboarding.