Carbon composites

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FAQ: What is clinching used for? However, recent advances in composites are driving carbon composites to be more competitive and cost effective. The reduction of defects and cycle time realized by the . Here you can learn everything about our company,.

We know this material in all its variety and work hand-in-hand with our customers to find innovative solutions made from carbon, graphite and carbon fiber for key global industries. The composite materials from the SGL Group include high-performance products based on carbon , glass and aramid fibers. Originally developed for aerospace applications, its low density, high thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures make it an . In the field of carbon fiber composite materials, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of PAN-based carbon fibers. These materials in various forms are used in aerospace and many other applications.

As composites take a larger part (and form larger parts) in the aerospace structures sector, it’s not just a make-it-or-break-it proposition. The manufacturing processes can’t yet meet stringent automotive requirements for repeatability and production speed. The myriad combinations of fiber grades, forms, tow sizes and resin types creates an overwhelming number of options . Applications and enabling technologies for carbon fiber promise new market penetration – challenges notwithstanding. Carbon Fiber Composite Materials.

Refitech ontwikkelt en produceert carbon fiber componenten for high performances op basis van serieproductie. Bekijk op de website onze (maatwerk) producten. The raw material used to make carbon fiber is called the precursor. About of the carbon fibers produced are made from polyacrylonitrile (PAN).

The remaining are made from rayon or petroleum pitch. All of these materials are organic polymers, characterized by long strings of molecules bound together by carbon .