Best hs decks

Hearthstone Top Decks features the best Hearthstone Decks in the Meta. Shudder-Yogg Shaman by Danehearth. These decks will make up the majoring of your opponents and they are well tuned. Learn about their winrates and popularity on the ladder.

Choose your rank and get the best decks to level up with. The best Witchwood decks. Discover all the Standard and Wild decks we provide on Icy Veins for the Witchwood expansion.

Retweeting the decks the pros play. Follow for the latest competitive hearthstone lists. Control Lock seems to be the best meta call right now, only bad match -up is Quest Rogue but sometimes you can out value them. Sitting at about 1on NA, set . Track the cards left in your deck , cards played by your opponent, statistics and much more. Save your replays online, view your games from anywhere and share them with your friends.

Spring naar Want to Become Better at Other Games? They use only cards from the Basic, Classic, and Whispers of the Old Gods sets. For those unaware, Dungeon Run is the free singleplayer mode from the set which combines some of the best parts of Arena with classic dungeon crawlers.

Today I want to talk about the decks already shaking up Standard. Met 1nieuwe kaarten zijn er zat mogelijkheden voor nieuwe decks. In ons overzicht van de . Here are the decks crushing the ladder. AAECAf0GApfTApziAg4w0wH3BM4HwgjECOvCAsrDApvLAvfNApXOAvLQAv3QArjuAgA = Copy deckcode to clipboard.

Zoolock warlock Decklist. A spiteful Druid decklist.